homemade pizza [sort-of]

for a while now i’ve been loving homemade pizza of all kinds [from store-bought ingredients to totally from scratch.] today i was feeling somewhat lazy so i bought my favorite pre-made dough from my favorite store, mozzarella, red onion, chicken, green pepper, mushrooms,  a freshly picked tomato, and (to try something a little different) a new pizza sauce:

two words: great success!

while it wasn’t the prettiest pizza i’ve ever made, it sure smelled/tasted delicious. i went downstairs looking for my camera before i remembered that the battery is somewhere in one of the many yet to be unpacked boxes lying around this house [moving sucks!]. by the time i got back a slice was already gone. so the following is a poor excuse for a picture but considering the poor lighting and the fact that it’s a camera phone i think its pretty darn good:

like i said, not a great picture but a delicious pizza!

so if you’re stumped on pizza toppings, try that combination. you won’t be disappointed.

bon appetit! xoxo, muki