me and my big mouth

i don’t know what it is about me that just LOVES to be a “yes man.” i’m going to a surprise birthday party for my pastor’s wife tomorrow and i agreed to make the cake…

from scratch…

and it’s chocolate…

mind you, i’m as adventurous as the next person. and i love cooking/baking from scratch. but for some reason which escapes my grasp i have yet to ever make a chocolate cake from scratch. and now i have to make one by tomorrow at 6.

looks like i’ll be doing lots of trial bakes between now and tomorrow. only problem is, i am going to end up eating more cake than is probably healthy during the process have no idea what i’m going to do with all that extra cake.

if you have any good recipes, now would be the time to help me out. Lord knows i don’t have time to go off the cuff with this one. especially not with this many people coming…

this shouild be interesting. let the games begin!

bon appetit! xoxo, muki


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